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Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Community & Branding Manager

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As Community and Brand manager, Ann Smarty’s work is focused on both regularly contributing to the Internet Marketing Ninjas blog and serving as an internal SEO resource for the team. Ann Smarty has been involved in various high-profile roles in the SEO industry for more than seven years. Her background includes working as Editor-in-Chief at Search Engine Journal and being a regular columnist at some of best-known Internet Marketing online publications including SEOmoz, Mashable, Social Media Examiner and more. Ann's search and social experience ranges from content creation and social media marketing to SEO reporting and consulting. Ann's expertise in Internet Marketing tools also helps in internal tool development and testing process.

A brief biography of Ann Smarty

I have been working in various areas of the Internet Marketing for 6 years. I come from Ukraine where I got a degree in English and German.

I started working in SEO field when still in high school: All I needed was a part-time job to train my English knowledge. I never thought that was going to be my career...

I have never had to look for a job ever since.

I have always enjoyed learning English and writing and thus I have found huge passion in SEO blogging. I have blogged in English (which is not my native language) for 4 years and have become a well known SEO authority and writer.

I've blogged on my personal blog I've also been a guest author at the most prominent Internet marketing blogs including SEOmoz, Mashable, Social Media Examiner etc. I've been interviewed for multiple blogs and books. I am contributor for Search Marketing Standard magazine, a premium online marketing publication delivered via print.

Throughout my Internet marketing career I've been involved in all sorts of related tasks and projects: I have a huge experience in team building (I managed teams both in-house for a Ukrainian company and from abroad as a Director of the large department in the U.S. company).

I have been successfully engaged in social media marketing as well and have built highly-networked and influential online presence and personal brand.

Currently I've joined Internet Marketing Ninjas as the Community and Branding Manager. My work is focused on both regularly contributing to the Internet Marketing Ninjas blog and serving as an internal SEO resource for the team.

My main goal is to to turn our blog into the leading free Internet marketing resource uniting SEO experts from all over the world.

I am also going to help operate all the communities we own: DevShed forums, Cre8site forums and WebmasterWorld forums.

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Ann's Previous Speaking Events

Pubcon New Orleans 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana

April 22-25, 2013

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From Ann's Linkedin profile, Industry Testimonials

Ann is a genius in her own right. Her deep insight on online marketing has enabled her to carve a niche for herself within the industry. Widely respected, and acknowledged as one of the sharpest brains in SEO, Ann is a delight to work. Being a fantastic colleague and a super person comes naturally to her.
Rajiv Karran, Production Manager, BlueGlass Interactive, Inc.

It isn't just that Ann is very knowledgeable--which she is--but she's a great person to work with too: she shares her expertise freely and is always pleasant to be around online. Rare combination! Ann is also a superb team leader. It looks effortless when she gets everyone to do what they need to be doing, but anyone who has ever managed a team knows how difficult it is. She's great at what she does.
Patricia Skinner, Contributing Writer, Search Engine Journal

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Ann Smarty's Posts
23 Feb 2015
Ann Smarty

Best Internet Marketing Webinars to Attend and Educate Yourself

Marketing, especially online, is one niche that is always changing. Every year we have new strategies, new tactics, new platforms to explore and avenues to go down. If you are a marketer, you know the feeling of having to scramble to keep up just after perfecting the latest PR craze. To get a better feel for the more stable and consistent updates in the industry, it is best to turn…

16 Feb 2015
Ann Smarty

How Can Social Media Help Your Business?

It is hard to believe that anyone isn’t really on board with social media, but a lot of businesses haven’t quite managed to settle of a solid strategy. Small or local businesses in particular tend to create a page, and never come up with a cohesive way to work it to their advantage. Hiring an expert is a worthwhile investment with a lot of return. But not all business owners…

09 Feb 2015
Ann Smarty

Awesome Resources for Article Ideas in Any Niche

Brainstorming can be tough. You get distracted easily and everything seems to have already been written! To add to that, requirements to content concepts and titles have become much more complicated. I remember the time when all we had to worry about is a good use of a key phrase to make sure that articles comes up in search results. With the growing importance of social media traffic, we now…

02 Feb 2015
Ann Smarty

How To Use Slideshare To Plan Your Writing

As a content marketer, you are always going to struggle balancing the planning process with the creative process. This is something that happens to everyone in that medium, whether they are writing technical manuals or novels. We are always looking for tools to make the process a little bit more efficient or simple, or just to help us organize our thoughts a bit more. I am happy to say that…

26 Jan 2015
Ann Smarty

15 Most Creative Tumblr Blog Ideas to Inspire

I love Tumblr. I don’t have time to maintain my own Tumblr blog but browsing through others’ sites is very inspiring. I don’t know how they ended up nurturing such a creative community but some of Tumblr blogs just leave you wondering “How did they even come up with this idea”? Tumblr is one of the best sources of viral content ideas: For sure… 1. Reasons My Son Is Crying…

19 Jan 2015
Ann Smarty

Great Examples Of Twitter Based Contests and Campaigns

Twitter has had some really amazing campaigns and contests that were both innovative and effective. These five examples are proof that Twitter is a great way to spread awareness and build your brand. You just have to be willing to think outside the box, pay up, or be different. Diet Coke #ShowYourHeart Campaign Coca-Cola made a splash when they ran a marketing campaign for their Diet Coke brand. It was…

12 Jan 2015
Ann Smarty

How to Schedule Instagram Updates (and Post to Instagram from the Web)

Instagram is a fascinating community. It is based entirely on content, and normally that doesn’t foster much of a feeling of togetherness. Somehow Instagram has managed to find the right balance between social sharing, and social interaction. The result is a place that is growing in both capabilities and popularity, and drawing those who would normally have stuck to a more familiar setting like Facebook. If you are going to…

05 Jan 2015
Ann Smarty

9 Cool Youtube Tools to Boost Your Creativity

Admit it, you spend well over the healthy amount of time on YouTube. We all do. With so much content, from amateur videos to professional films, being uploaded every day, it is an irresistible distraction and a bit of a productivity hazard… as well as a huge creativity booster! Youtube is a fantastic platform with a lot to offer. These nine cool YouTube tools will help you get the most…

29 Dec 2014
Ann Smarty

3 Twitter Search Tricks You’ll Love Playing with

There are a number of positives to using Twitter, especially as a blogger, a writer or a marketer. The first is the obvious connection and communication with readers and followers. The second is the easy ability to have your work shared by others to their friends and the Internet at large. Finally, the third is the ability to monitor any brand name in real time. Completely unique, Twitter provides a…

22 Dec 2014
Ann Smarty

7 Hot Slideshares: What Can WE Learn?

There is something very enticing about using Slideshare. It is a well established social network and content sharing platform, and yet it hasn’t become so over-used that you can easily become lost in the crowd. There is still a rather good chance of finding a certain viral (or near viral) status there. But just because it isn’t as crowded as the Facebooks and Twitters of the world, doesn’t mean you…

15 Dec 2014
Ann Smarty

6 Best Google Docs Apps for Writing Productivity and Collaboration

Google Docs has been one of the most powerful editing and collaboration tools for years. And it’s free! The built-in ability to create documents, invite editor and collaborate in real time is awesome. The rest can be achieved through helpful addons that are available all over the web. Sadly, there are not nearly as many of these extensions as there are for their flagship browser, Chrome, or as many apps…

08 Dec 2014
Ann Smarty

7 Best Flipboard Magazines For Online Marketers

Have you discovered the majesty that is Flipboard, yet? I am unabashedly obsessed with this content curation tool, and I have been spending way too much time playing around with it. For those who have not yet fallen in love, this is an advanced RSS feed that creates “magazines” of your chosen content. So you can completely customize what you see, and read it with flipped pages in your browser,…

01 Dec 2014
Ann Smarty

How To Find Trending and Inspirational Visual Content

Before we begin, we should probably get one thing out of the way: any image that you are seeing on the social web, which is generating a lot of comments, shares or views, is technically trending on the social web. Since social media is so expansive and popular, content may “trend” a lot easier than it did before. That isn’t to be confused with viral content, which has reached a…