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29 Jul 2015

Panda 4.2: What Is Google Panda? Are You Safe? (Part 1) Jim & Ann Show

We are very familiar with Panda updates because we’ve seen plenty of them and Internet Marketing Ninjas have been helping clients hit by Panda for ages. Note: take our 2-second survey to download a free copy of Ninjas’ Panda Whitepaper! Panda 4.2 Unlike all the previous Panda Updates, this one came unnoticed: Website owners are having a bad time seeing any impact even after the official announcement. Google has been… [Read More…]

29 Jul 2015

Troubleshooting Google Search Console International Targeting “No Return Tags” Error

You can think of Google Search Console kind of an equivilent of a Google Analytics view. On the positive end of that, you can’t really lose data in the same way like what can happen in analytics. On the negative end all your data can temporarily disappear and because of Googles UI, you’re left scratching your head as to where it went and what to do. Not only that but… [Read More…]

27 Jul 2015

3 Tools to Quickly Create Awesome Visual Tweets

Visual tweets attract more clicks and shares. Despite various levels of skepticism (many people were claiming visual tweets to be annoying), visual tweets are getting more and more adopted. Here are three free tools allowing you to create stunning visual tweets in seconds. 1. Twit Shot (Online, Mac App, Google Chrome Extension) is a cool app that extracts an image from the given page and creates an instant visual… [Read More…]

24 Jul 2015

Panda 4.2 Arrives, Off-Page Tactics, and Google News: Weekly Forum Roundup

The biggest piece of news this week is probably that Panda 4.2 is rolling out, but there are plenty of other interesting discussions happening in our communities too! We have coverage of the lead-up to Panda 4.2’s announcement (take the survey to download a free copy of Ninjas’ Panda Whitepaper), Google’s treatment of gTLDs, and Twitter indexing on Threadwatch; on WebmasterWorld, we’ll bring you two great discussions about getting back… [Read More…]

23 Jul 2015

Google Panda is Slowly Refreshing: Download Our Free Panda Whitepaper by @JimBoykin

Ten months after the last Panda refresh, Google announced yesterday that they had actually begun rolling out another Panda refresh this past weekend. They proceeded to say that the rollout might last months. This means its effects will be drawn-out and potentially more difficult to diagnose. The refresh impacted between 2% and 3% of English queries. Due to the nature of this latest refresh, websites that have addressed issues following… [Read More…]

22 Jul 2015

Troubleshooting Google Search Console International Targeting “No Return Tags” Error

While I was browsing around on how to troubleshoot relating to the thousands of “no return tag” errors on a site, I saw that there was not much in the way of resources on this topic, so I thought that it would be good to create one. As you browse Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools), you’ll see an option under international targetting, in the Search Traffic Drop down… [Read More…]

21 Jul 2015

Watch Indepth Google Penguin Talk at Jim & Ann Show

A Google representative Gary Illyes confirmed last week that Google Penguin would take a few months to be updated. That means it will be at least a year (or more) between the last year’s and this one. @mrjamiedodd No. Penguin refresh is months away — Gary Illyes (@methode) July 11, 2015 (Penguin 3.0 in 2014 also took more than a year btw) By refreshing Penguin once a year, Google is… [Read More…]

20 Jul 2015

Building Your Brand: Make it Personal

Getting your name out is crucial: Your brand name is your biggest most reliable asset. Whatever happens to your business, your name will remain yours. 1. Make Your Brand User Centric Your ideas may be great, your graphic artwork, technology and services may be outstanding, but, if you are talking to the wrong crowd: your brand will not grow. Everything about Apple’s marketing and branding is targeted toward someone in… [Read More…]

17 Jul 2015

Penguin Tips, Facebook Updates, and Google Quality: Weekly Forum Roundup

Curious about what’s shaking and moving in the SEO world lately? Our communities are, as usual, up to date on the newest buzz! Facebook’s news feed got an update late last week that the users of WebmasterWorld have been analyzing. On Cre8asiteforums, meanwhile, users are talking about Google and quality…specifically how it feels like the two rarely align. We also learned that a Penguin refresh is only “months away” on… [Read More…]

15 Jul 2015

How to Ask for a Link to Stay within Google Webmaster Guidelines? Jim & Ann Show

Today we are discussing links, not building links but requesting links.. Last week Portuguese Google Webmaster blog published an article where it was said that you could not ask for links. Our community picked it up and started actively discussing it… A few days later Google re-phrased that saying that you could not ask for links which violate Google Webmaster Guidelines. While the whole statement is up to various interpretations,… [Read More…]

14 Jul 2015

(HOW) Can We Speed Up the Disavow Process? Jim & Ann Show

There was a talk recently on whether it is possible to speed up the Disavow processing time. Google representative John Muller said that it is recommended to use Domain Directive as much as possible, so instead of using URLs, you should be disavowing the whole domain when it’s possible. While that recommendation may be useful to some extent (Don’t disavow useful / trusted domains though!) it’s not exactly speeding up… [Read More…]

13 Jul 2015

How to Faster Collect Leads

Never underestimate the value of an email. Email marketing has proven itself again and again to be the one marketing avenue that consistently brings in the highest conversions for companies all over the world. There is a reason they are always pushing to get customer email addresses. No matter the size of your enterprise, you can benefit from building an email marketing list. The faster you do it, the sooner… [Read More…]

10 Jul 2015

Tips Galore! Weekly Forum Roundup

This week our communities are churning out studies, tips, tricks, and clinics of all sorts! We’ve got content tips and a clinic for the SEO-frustrated on SEO Chat, investigations into notability on Wikipedia and linkbuilding on Threadwatch, an exploration of HSTS and HTTPS on WebmasterWorld that’s definitely worth checking out, and an in-depth thread about impressions and views on AdWords and AdSense from Cre8asiteforums user iamlost. Here’s a fresh sampling of the… [Read More…]